Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Random Thoughts.
My 201st post!

It's Tuesday, which mean the WOW servers are patching and down for maintanance.

Here are some things that have been spinning in my head for the past week.

Item: There a woman in Gym Class that smells like Ice Cold Beer while she works out. Now if I could find a woman who smells like pepperoni pizza. I'd have the perfect company for a Hawkeye football game.

Item: President Bush has asked for poeple to start conserving gasoline. Imagine an Oil Man saying that. Yippie! Not that anyone will do it, but atleast he said something. I think gas prices have reach a new base around $3 a gallon. It should be higher. Great Britain is about $5 a gallon right now (About 1.5 Euro per liter. Maybe some people will actually start thinking about walking or biking.

Item: Son#1 is close to getting stiaght A's this trimester. Yippie. I pay him $5 for every "A" and $2 for every "B" at the end of each trimesters. At the end of the year the rewards are $10 and $5. When he get to high school I may think about a $10/$5 and $20/$10 for him. I figure every dollar I spend now I get back $10 in scholarship for college.

Item: Son#2 is just the opposite he's doing great in sports, but lacks the drive in the classroom. Son#1 has the build for football, but no desire. Son#2 has the desire but I worry about him getting killed. Vince Lombardi say, "It not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog."

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