Sunday, February 27, 2005

I'm a bit of a technophile. If it is new and I can afford it I've got it. Last Friday, when I wasn't eating cookies, I finally save enough for a new iPod (60 GB iPod Photo). This replaces the RCA Lyra I had brought for my last birthday. The RCA Lyra sucks. This unit failed after 6 months. When I sent it back for repair under the warranty, RCA said they couldn't fix it and need to replace the unit with a newer but smaller capacity unit. (20 GB instead of the 40 GB model I had). They don't even know what was wrong with it. I guess you get what you pay for. I'm betting some yahoo at RCA said, “We need a iPod clone that's cheap and we can sell in the mp3 market. Let go find the first piece of shit under a rock and put own logo on it.” After buying the Lyra and ripping my entire CD collection (over 350 CDs of albums, collections, soundtracks and anthologies) to my computer, updating unit's software, and storing everything on the unit (over 30 GB), the unit fails. I should have gotten the iPod a year ago. Anyway, I got this new iPod, and all my files need to be converted from WMA files to ACC (mp4) files. My computer converts about 120 songs per hour, about 8-14 CDs. I figure I'll be done in about 3 days of around the clock conversion.
When you buy Girl Scout cookies by the case load (or Host the yearly cookie drive), you find something interesting. Each case has the following slogans:

Her Dream starts here.
Her Future starts here.
Her Success starts here.
Her Leadership starts here.
Her Confidences starts here.

All the cases are different sizes and color, yet hold the same number of boxes of cookies (12 boxes of cookies make a case). On one side of each case one large word is printed in bold font. Each cookie type has it's own word. Here is the cookie code:

Peanut Butter Sandwiches = Leadership
Iced Berry Pinatas = Confidence
Lemon Pasty Cremes = Success
Peanut Butter Patties = Dream
Animal Treasures = Future
Caramel Delights = Starts
Shortbread = Here
Thin Mints = Her

You guessed it. I've spent the last 72 hours stuffing my face with cookies and rearranging girl scout cookies cases to spell out mystic phases. I have no life.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

They're Back.

Carmel Delights

Lemon Cremes

Animal Treasures

Boxes and Boxes fill my living room. Tempeting me into a diabetic coma. Push by hordes of little green devils.

Ok time for some art.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I'm buying all the women I know as much chocolate as they can stand.

Chocolate-fed women have better sex lives.

Hehehe, I learned a new trick too!

Squareslant has another question.

She asks, "Do you think the "Black community" treats black women respectful(sic)?"

First, let's get something straight the "black Community" is not made up of just Rappers, Athletes, and Entertainers. As with all communities it is the most vocal and well known that get the media attention. That being said, does that mean Tony Soprano represent the Italian community and how they treat women? The men and women in the black community that show the most respect for women are never in the national media. Colon Powell respects his wife, but you don't see him in the news because of that. Nelly puts women on a dog leash for the Grammy's and suddenly everyone state the Black Community disrespects women.

I don't let Nelly, Pierce, or Kobe off the hook, their actions are horrible, but women on the whole let them get away with it. Ladies, if you want to see rappers change their lyrics and attitudes, stop shaking your booties to their music, stop fawning all over them, buying their CD, and hanging on their every word. (Say it with me ladies...No Respect, No Nookie) Artist like Nelly know they can behave like jerks and their fans eat it up. There is no reason for artist to change if they produce what sell and their fans still pay attention to them. Chuck D., DMX, Stevie Wonder, do not behave this way and they still have fans and make tons of cash.

Lady, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING WHEN KOBE ASKED YOU TO HIS ROOM?!?!? Why would a famous married basketball player want you (a 19 years-old girl) to come to his room in the middle night? Is Kobe going to read you passages from the bible? He was going to hump your brain out! If you think otherwise, I have some bridges I need to sell you. Kobe does this shit because he can. We let him get away with it because he can play ball like nobody's business. Look at what happen to Shaq. The decent guy gets sent to another team! What kind of message does this send to young black men.

This is a sore spot with me because I see it all the time. In college, I couldn't get the time of day from my black sisters, but the football players that treated women like shit couldn't beat the ladies off of them with a stick. Before you says this is in my head, let me tell you a story:

I was in a dorm at UW-Madison and five doors down their was a black freshman football player. He uses to spend time in my room hiding from women who wanted to see him. One day he out on a date with another woman, when a girl I know comes knocking on his door. She is wearing three pieces of clothing: short shorts ( No panties), ripped terry cloth sweatshirt 80's style (No bra), and sandals. She knocks on my open door and ask where HE is. "He's Out." I said. She then sits on my bed and cries her eyes out, and explains to me she is dress this way to get his attention back on her. (Yeah, wave your ass in front of the eunuch studying Calculus and cramming for his Quantum Mechanics exam! It won't effect him because he doesn't count as a man anyway!) She leaves, and two hours later HE comes back and pops in to say hi. I tell him who stopped by and he says, "That bitch is crazy. She always bugging me, and a freak too. I had to cut her off, so I could get some rest."

My point... I don't know. Maybe I'm just saying why should men respect women when they behave this way. Why should there be any change? All men should respect their fellow ladies, but it doesn't seem to pay off in anyway you cut it.

I even see this with my own wife, who I love dearly. The worse I treat her the more she wants to hang around me. Whenever I'm kind, caring or loving she doesn't want a thing to do with me. I'm begginning to think women look at kindness as a sign of weakness. Just a thought.

Does this answer your question?

ON the whole I think the "black community" respects women, but it is the poorest example of mankind that make the press.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Last night I went and saw Constantine then went to Famous Dave's. There I stuffed myself with ribs and bread pudding. I don't dare use my glucose meter. Looks like I'be drinking extra water and doing more kicks in TKD on Monday.

I have a things for genre picture like Constantine. (Fallen, The Order, Dogma, The Prophesy I-III, Hellboy, Spawn, everything that has a the Divine versus the Infernal.)

Yeah, I belive in GOD. HE scarss the crap out of me. Why? Because I'm a coward and I hate the unknown. I've done too much shit and have a hard time changing and repenting. Now before all you Athiest out there start warming up and saying I've got a closed mind. I'd gladly trade to non-existence to frying on the seventh circle.

Current developemnets in mordern physics and astronomy, my chosen fields of endevor in this life, current suppose reality as we now it has 11-12 dimension and most of the universe is made up of Dark matter and Dark Energy. We poor human are only capable of precieveing the four dimension we live in, three of space and one of time. Most of the Universe is made of of 95% percent of stuff we can't interact with on the everyday human scale. The best part of Modern Physics, is that all of this reality, is just a hiccup of energy, that will disappear like a fart in the wind. Don't worry you still have time to pay your taxes. The "End" of the universe won't happen for somewhere around 1 X 10^50 years.

Where I can't buy Ms. Cleo, and can entertain the possiblity of beings who exists in higher dimensions and may be all rounds us yet we rarely glipse them.

So my dilemma. I'm surrounded by women, whom I'd love to give a good solid boffing to or comtemplate my role the end of the Universe. Forutunately, for me, I'm neither rich, good looking, tall or anything else that drives women wild. (Although, I get hit on by a lot of gay guys... go figure... One of God's little joke I suppose.) So my road to hell is paved with wonderful women. My only vice, and I'm not good at. No lying, cheating, stealing, drinking, drug use, killing but by any measure you cut it I'm still going to fry. So I have a very good understanding of Constantine's life.

Those of you who think there is only GOD, wake up. You can't have the Divine without the Infernal. Even if the infernal nature is the complete absence of GOD.
Ask a Black Guy Anything Question #2 : Is there a correct "label"? Do you prefer "African American" over "Black"?

One Again Squareslant has ask another good question.

Answer: You are pretty much screwed when trying to apply labels to any group, so I will tell you what I do or prefer. In class I almost always use "Black Americans" when talk about dark skinned people in the United State what I consider myself to be one. I use the term "African American" sparingly usually for someone who is a fresh off the boat ( an immigrant), or when I'm doing any formal writing such as grants, papers, or formal academic work. African American seem more inclusive and seem to work better when deal with Government bodies. However "African American" does always work because some people in African really don't see themselves as "African". Someone from Egypt might technically be an "African", but might look at themselves as a Middle-Easterner. This would be a same for someone from India could be consider an Asian American, but they would never call themselves that. I think they would prefer Indian or Indian American. I'm pretty sure White imagrant from South Africa would freak if you called him an "African American".

Once again personlly I would used "Black American" as a term for people who experiences America from a "black" viewpoint or experience.

I also alway use "Black American" instead of "Black" since depending on context the term "black" can have some negative aspects. However, I have no problem using the expressions "Driving while Black", or "Black Man's Kryptonite".

Does this answer your question?

Friday, February 18, 2005


Yippie! MY First question come from Squareslant.

She asked: "When you think of yourself do you think of "Black Guy" or just "Guy"?"

A great question. When I'm home or on the internet I think of my self as just a "GUY". Most people on the internet treat me that way. I think this has to do with the fact that so many of the social cues we take for granted are gone, so most people "fill in the blanks" with their own self image or ideals. Most of the type people assume the person on the other end of the internet is someone like them. ( Close to the same age, social standing, income...Etc) It's quite a shock for most people to find out I'm Black. I get this on the phone a lot too: "You don't sound black"... I digress. At home I do the "normal" stuff guys do, burp, fart, scratch my back with a fork, watch movies with lots of guns and T & A. When I'm out if public I always aware I'm a "BLACK GUY", because that is what the world sees first, especially, in Iowa. Most people would say the world is what you make it and there is some truth to that. However, I have enough personal experience to know that in certain situations people will react differently to you if you are white, black, Asian, male or female. So I have to be aware of my race all the time in public. That's not a bad thing, but it does color everything I do. A similar situation exist along the male/female line. As a guy I generally don't make comments on female coworkers clothing or looks, for fear of harassment. However, I notice women comment all the time to each other or to me about how nice I or they may look today. Every comment can be taken two ways. Being Black at times is a lot like that. I could write a book about this or talk for hours, but I want to answer the question and stay on the point.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Deep Truth #15 : The level of pain you feel in a relationship is directly proportional to your level of commitment.

I haven't done one of these for awhile so I may be off on the numbers.
I've been kicking around this idea for awhile. So here it goes.

Today starts a new series: ASK A BLACK GUY ANYTHING

Here's the deal. Send me all those questiuon you been dying to ask either by email or comment and I'll answer them here. Simple eh?

Let's get the obvious question out of the way. Yes, it's huge and it blots out the sun.
OK! Another Rant!

Yesterday's Daily Iowan has two story on the front page about black men doing stupid stuff. I'm a black man and I don't do stupid shit. Ignoring Pierre Pierce for the moment let me chat about this other guy, Joe Williams. I know as much as the next black guy ( and I suspect all guys of all races ), that the "booty be talkin" all the time. Sometime I can't even hear myself think because some ladies butt is talking to me. But for the LOVE of GOD, why in the hell would you think taking out you dick and waving it around would make a woman want you more?!? Even being hung like a horse, and strung out on cough syrup, I still wouldn't do that! Brothers, please keep it in your pants! If you just can't help yourselves that's what they make porn. Today's DVD give a great show for $5.99, and last a lot longer than video tape.

On the other side of the same coin. Lady, why did you wait 18 months for this story to break. The delay just encourages guys like this to try the same techniques on some poor coed in the future. This guy might have done the same thing 20 times and all it takes is one woman with poor judgment and a "yes" to reinforce his theory on how to score with women. (In Defense, of the young lady, I can understand that she might be concerned for her college career and the career of her boyfriend wrestler.)

Ok Back to Pierce....

Did you see the Email this guy wrote, apologizing for his behavior?

pierces Jan. 28 e-mail to his alleged victim:

"My first question is what do you want to do? I know last night got real bad, but even when we got unexpected company you still showed me that you had my back, you could of very easily turned on me and made things a lot worse, I am upset that you would lie to me and tell me you are going to sleep when in actuallity you were headed elsewhere, as soon as you figure out their is no other girl in my life that i luv as much as you the better we will be cuz right now honestly you tell me all the shit I want to hear, but once again you tell me you are hanging my pics up and ur not you tell me your not talking to chad and you are, you constatnly lie to me and i really took i out on your bedroom yesterday i was absoloutly furiours, probably the most upset you will ever see me, ever, especially when im going through this difficult time of basketball right now, i though i trusted you and i don't right now i really heard the sincerity in you voice and i thought you were being honest, but you fooled me, why? do you want to be with chad? obviously so because you havent been with me, and I thought last weeekend we established everything and were working on making things well again, but once again your phone never lies, youve been texting him u luv him, and all sorts of shit that he's texted you, like i said i am truely sorry for your room and your papers I threw on the ground all i wanted to do is talk to you and you fleed, probably because you were scared and I understand but i thought for sure you would come back out but you didnt' so that made me go ballistic like never before, i luv you with every ounce of blood in my body, and my heart luvs you more than you can imagine, and you told young you wanted to marry me, but ur living a double life, im not going to be around for this shit anymore yo uneed to make a decision and im going to have to see your actios change big time, but for now call me asap luv P"

(Taken from the Daily Iowan)

Now granted this is and Email, and I'm not the expert on the English language. But Come on... Brothers be articulate or at least try. Make an effort to be part of the human race.

On another note.

A new study show black women have double their presence in college while black men have had decreases in attendance over the last 10 years. I blame women for this. Actually I know there are other issues, but ladies if you stop dating the losers and chase some black males with PHDs and a job maybe this shit will turn around.

That's just my opinion. I could be wrong

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Ok, guy you will find this insightful and funny in the relationship department. Ladies you'll probably hate it.

Elements of the Relationship Ladder
From the Black Man's Kryptonite Dept.

OK You got my attention, I give up. I'm going to look and burn in hell for it! I saw student today who looked exactly like this with this much cleavage.

All I can say, if you are going to go this far for attention I want to see some nipples too! I'm such a dawg.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

A Valentine's Day Memory:

I'm a romanic at heart. In fifth grade, instead of buying Valentine's Day class cards I sat down and wrote personal letters to each girl in the class. Each letter was different and written just for her. I told every girl read what I thought was special about her, what I found my attractive about them, and how they made me feel. All the letters were handwritten in my best penmanship.

Most went something like this:


I think you are wonderful. I love the way you laugh and make me laugh. You have the cutest nose I've ever seen and I've wanted to tell you that seen you in first grade. I'm glad you are my friend.


They all went nuts! The girls read them to each other and giggled. Sure they went on and dated all the football players in high school, but I won their hearts in fifth grade. I wonder if any of those letters still exist.
Ok a couples of rants...

Rant #1

I'm driving home listening to RUSH and a guy calls in and says he can't find a job in his field and he is an engineer fresh out of college. I find this hard to believe so I listen. After about five minutes of whinning about how all the good jobs have gone overseas and how it's all someone else's fault that he can't find a job, two facts slip out. One, He is an Industrial Engineer. Two, He is unwilling to move outside of Dayton, OH for his first job. Hell...I can figure out his problem with my eyes closed. ONE. MOVE BUDDY. Sometimes you have to Go where the job is, no ifs, ands, or buts. This is especially true of your first job. Most places won't take and engineer without at least two years experience. If you didn't do those junior and senior year internship you're SOL. Chances of you finding a good job right in your backyard are slim and none. TWO: Industrial Engineering is at bottom of the Engineering World. At the University we call IEs "Imaginary Engineers" Most IEs do line work or go into HR (Human Resources). IEs are a dime a dozen and most companies need another IE's like they need a hole in the head. If you want to make some cash be an Engineer that really does something: ME, CE, EE, etc... you know the tough ones that you didn't want to take. NOw you can find IEs jobs if you are willing to MOVE! This guy mention he was going back to school to be a lawyer. LOL If he thinks he is going to be rich he has another thing coming. I'd pay money to see this guy 10 years from now.

Rant #2

Ladies quit the Boy-Bashing! I listen to women all day complaining about men at school everyday. I hear it in the halls, in Class, outside, during breaks, etc... 1. Don't be mad at some guy because he can't read your mind. 2. If your dating an Asshole don't be suprised when he behaves that way. He won't change the longer you date him. 3. Give the nice guys a chance. 4. Cut the attitude: "Boys are stupid throw rocks at them." That attitude just drive boys away and you'll be 35 with 5 cats. 5. Stop waiting for Prince Charming and start dating. I 've seen women in a room filled with men being asked for Nicely for dates or just getting together by dozen of guys, but she won't go becasue she is pining for the one guy every women is after to ask her out. That guy is in heaven, because he gets his pick of the women. That leaves you in Hell with all the other heart-broken women in the room along with all teh other guys you turned down. Why not increase the net happiness in teh world and say "yes" once in awhile.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

In case you didn't notice or were napping during the news, there has been some interesting developement around the world for all you deep thinkers and world domination game watches.

First, Prince Charles is going to get married on April 8th.

Analysis: Maybe the Queen is having second thoughts about passing the throne over Charles and naming William as the heir. Charles has been trying to married Camilla for awhile, but now he has apporval and the Queen's blessing. After the fiasco with Harry and William by association ( Being at the same party and not telling his brother about Harry's poor choice in costumes), maybe Charles doesn't look so bad after all. All of this could mean several things: The Queen's health maybe failing (or she is more aware of her mortality) and maybe she is putting her house in order. Or maybe she has already named an heir in house and Charles doesn't care anymore. It is all so interesting...

Second, American Cardinal James Stafford fills in for Pope in Ash Wednesday Mass.

I don't know alot about this one, but wouldn't to be interesting to see an American Pope? Rumor has it that the "short list" might have, an American, an African (A Black POPE! Rock ON!) , and some other intersting choices. More on this when I dig up some dirt.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Ok Ladies..... A Questions : A study in Social Science and just to satisfy my own curiosity.

Which would you rather have Flower or Chocolate?

Which would you rather have on Valentine's Day ( Flowers or Chocolate)?

This year Valentine's Day hit on a Monday. I missed Halloween last year becuase it was on a Sunday. Since I try to do something nice for my class on special days this time it's flowers. However, I heard women like chocolate more than flowers. Personally, I think all ladies should have someone give them flowers on Valentine's Day, even if they are carnation instead of roses. I started do this in College at Madison UW. You could buy single long stemed rose for $1.50 on Valentine's Day. So every year all my tutors, TAs(Female), women who happened by my dorm room and current love interests got roses. Red for the loves and a different color for every other lady. Ok, so I'm a softy.
The rumor mill has it that IKEA is coming to Des Moines! Yippie!

Thinking about a new bedroom? Try This: IKEA BEDROOM DESIGNER

Friday, February 04, 2005

It's Spring! I can see the first sign that winter is over. This week it's been in the high 30s and low 40s so the ladies are starting to dress more colorful and eye catching. That's when I know it's spring. The whole renews itself in a whole new crop of young nubile women. I've said this before and I'll say it again. Seeing women in the spring is like watching butterflies emerging from thier cacoons. It is beautiful and magical at the same time.