Friday, April 14, 2006

Tornado! F2 Tornado hits Iowa City

I spent last night in my basement with the High Priestess (wife) and the Technos (kids). We were all very lucky, our neighborhood was never touched. Just a few blocks away it was a different story. Tornados are quite scary. they come after the wind, heavy rain, and hail. After you think everything is over, then it hits. What is truly scary is how fickle tornadoes can be. One house is leveled and the house next to it is untouched. We had three tornadoes that literally skipped
through Iowa City. We lost a 54 year old Dairy Queen, a church, several histortic buildings, and more. Here are some photos I took around town. You can see even more photo here

You can also see some great photos taken at the University of Iowa.

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