Thursday, May 04, 2006

Most of you already now my stand on the death penalty, Lord knows there are enough people who need to be “loose their mortal coil”, but Zacarias Moussaoui is not one of them. Sure, he is a psycho, but he is a loser. He may have help the terrorist on 9/11 by withholding information, he may have gloated in the court room while listen to the 911 calls from Sept. 11. He has laughed at the victims' relatives, friends and family, but he does not deserve death. He won’t be granted that honor. It should be saved for the real killers and not for the clear poser that he is. I will not make a martyr out of him, because that is what he has wanted all along. Moussaoui action all throughout the trail, begged us to put him to death. He is just sorry he was stupid enough to get caught and not die in a blaze of glory to justify he miserable existence of a life. He will not be with his 19 other buddies eating grapes, and chatting up virgins in paradise. Where will he be? In prison, hopefully in “Pound Me in the Ass” prison with our white supremacist friend Bubba here. I want Mr. Moussaoui to wake up everyday, with Bubba thinking he has a pretty mouth. I want Bubba to make him wear a dress, and get sodomized while the guards take pictures of him. I want those photos dropped on every terrorist cell, and posted on every website that wishes the United States ill. Every photo captioned, “If we catch you, you will not see any virgins in paradise, but Bubba here could use a few more wives.”

Moussaoui, I don’t care how you were raised. I don’t care if you were abused. I don’t care if your mother didn’t hug you enough as a child. There is no excuse for what you tried to do.

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