Thursday, November 23, 2006

Life by the Number: Turkey Day!

Time to kick the tires and find out when the ticker is going to stop.

BP: 120/78 Very Good – Almost normal except for the fact it comes from drugs.

Temp: 97.7 F – A little low but I just got up for my 7:30 AM appointment so I'm sure I am NOT awake.

Weight: 277 – The Nurse says I lost seven pounds, but I seem to remember that I had the same number six months ago. I don’t trust the doctor’s scale because I think it adds 10 pounds.

Heart Rate: 55 beats per minutes. OMG! Maybe there is something to cutting the caffeine in my diet.

A1c: 6.4% this is down by 0.1%. Normal range is 4.8% to 5.9%; I need to work on this. Damn you sugar donuts! Damn you to Hell.

Cholesterol: 134 – OK but it could be lower. Next six months I need to avoid the cheeseburgers. To break it down HDL: 37 and LDL: 97 I Need More fiber!

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