Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Heores or Reason #15 for having a TiVo

If you are not watching Heroes you are probably missing the best show NBC has produce in the past 10 years. “Heroes” is a tight well produce story. The Story Line is compelling and the characters have a lot of depth. Plus the show attracts well know actors and is full of Easter Eggs. Yeah you can watch it in real time, but you will want to record it to pick up the little extra scattered around the show. This show is so much better than the current crap on the CW or reality TV.

The latest episode was a classic. George Takei makes a Cameo as a stern Japanese businessman and Hiro’s Father. Very Cool. What is even better it wasn’t some cheesy Star Trek ploy. Takei even had a chance to act. Now for the Easter egg! Did you see the license plate on the limousine in the last scene with Takei? “NCC 1701” Mega Cool!

Second Easter egg is Christopher Eccleston. The ninth Doctor makes a cameo as the invisible never-do-well trying to teacher one of the main characters to use his ability.

I really hope this show continues the story arc and comes to an end or starts a new arc. Too many good show have failed. Because the show loses their focus from network greed trying to milk the cash cow. The last show that comes to mind is Lost.

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