Saturday, January 05, 2008

Blacks Don't Read: One Year Later

I could count this book, but I think 42 books is pretty good leisure reading in a year. Not to mention all the other crap I read, textbooks, papers, blogs and website. I guess the point is how much I spent on just buying book and reading them. However, I really should just find the people who claim blacks don't buy book and beat them with a stick. I found and interesting bit of trivia: In a survey of 4,000 adults in the United Kingdom, 55% said “they buy books for decoration, and have no intention of actually reading them.” (Teletext)

I still do reviews of books, but I'll going to stop counting. Now about this book...

Ghost is the first book of the Mike "Ghost" Harmon series. I stumbled on the 3rd book in Wal-Mart while Christmas shopping: "Chooser of the Slain". It pretty good as far as techno-thriller go, but I had a hard time staying in the story about half way through the book. I have never understood why author break up a novel into "books". Ghost has three such "books" and I now understand why. Book I was ok, but Book II goes off the the deep end into the work of BDSM. John Ringo writes a lot of Science Fiction and I have no problem suspending disbelieve, but sex stuff..... yeah Right! I can see myself kicking terrorist butt long before I see myself in on a yacht with two beautiful 19 years old nymphos with nothing to do but fishing, sunning and hot sexing.

On another note, I often wonder how close an author taste are expressed in his or her writing. Laurel K Hamilton seem to like a little pain and blood, with her men. And all those men seem to be tall, moody, dark and long flow hair. If John Ringo's writing is any indication, he has a thing for young, leggy, big breasted, blonds and a lot of rape fantasies.

In a way, I can understand this. I think most men have some really fucked-up fantasies that they barely mange to keep a lid on. I, myself, have a thing for spanking, but after reading an awful lot on the subject I know I'm nowhere near the edge. (Yeah! It gets lonely reading Quantum Physics books all the time. So sue me.)

Actually, I am surprise at the percentage of women who express such dark thought. You would be surprise how many women wrote David Prowse (Original Darth Vader), wanting him to use his "Dark Force" on them. I digress.

Of course, now that I finished the book I need to move on to the next one: Kildar

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