Monday, December 07, 2009

The Bathroom Is Leaking!
Once again water is my nemesis. The toilet in the kid's bathroom was rocking back and forth, and it seemed to be leaking. This was the same problem i had in my rental unit, so I feared the worst. I figured the sub flooring was going and any moment the toilet would fall thought the second floor and into my living. I had two choices. Ignore it and pray that it would go away, which never happens, or just fix the flooring.

After last summer job of fixing the rental unit's bathroom the second option seemed doable. After a lot of trips to Menard's and Lowe's the High Priestess and I picked a floor pattern we could live with.

Tear down was lot easy this time because I didn't have to get rid of a ceramic tile floor. After removing the toilet the good news was the flooring seemed Okay and not rotten at all. The bad news the flooring seeming to be and a half and inch lower than where it should be. This is what made the toilet rock back and forth. The toilet was literally resting on the flange and nothing else. Without any support from the floor the wax ring was warped and mashed down it into the floor flange. Fortunately, replacing the wood floor would solve most of my problems.

After cutting out the pattern and tracing it on the linoleum, I cut out the linoleum. I spent the next hour listening to the Iowa Hawks play a nail biter of a game while sanding the floor and gluing down the linoleum. (Aside: This project was undertaken early September. Over the next couple of weeks I'll be posting all the little things that have kept me busy this semester.)

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