Thursday, December 31, 2009

Russian Scientists Working on Plan to Deflect Asteroids

Russia 'plans to stop asteroid'

Does anyone believe this crock of crap?!?!

Russia plan to save the world in 2036!!!!

Since when has any government thought or even planned 26 years ahead, the Chinese and Japanese are the exception of course. I give you the One-Child Policy in China, and the High-Tech industrial might that is Japan. (Aside: Do any of you remember when Japan was truning out cheap plastic and porcelian crap?)

This is all just some snow job for Russia to do what ever they want in space and then take credit for an event that would not have happened in the first place.

If the Russian really thought there was even a remote possibility that this would reall happen, they would be screaming to high heaven. When has Russia ever, ever spent million upon million of rubles on something altruistic? NEVER! So why would they start do doing it now?

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