Friday, May 28, 2010

DIYS Gardening - Part VI: Finishing what you started.

As I said last time, my first try at growing tomatoes failed miserably. The plant you see here I bought at the farmer market for 1.50 a piece. I may just do that from now on, since they seems to be doing so well as of this entry. I already have a few tomato blossom, so I'm a happy camper. The strawberries are doing nicely, but I think the hotter than normal weather is retarding their growth.

The last bed hold my pepper plants and broccoli. They seems to be taking rooting, because they have not died yet. Since I was having problems with transplanting, I just cut out the bottoms of the individual packs and planted the whole thing. After the plants establish themselves I'll remove the plastic pack liner.

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