Monday, November 15, 2010

Book Review:  Bullet by Laurell K. Hamilton

This is the last Anita Blake novel I will ever buy!  Even as an ebook, I feel robbed.  Anita Blake has gone from a tough as nail Vampire Hunter to a bit of a Nympho-pansy.  Hamilton last five books have taken our heroin from indendent women to a a main character who can't think for yourself.  Anita spend more time fretting about her bed partner's feelings than fighting any evil.  Anita and her sets of triumviates spend most of the time gathering power to combat some darkness that has been looming for the past three books.  Granted, each book focus on a smaller span of time.  It has just gotten to the point of being silly.  Anita, poor girl, acculamates power by having sex with various supernatrual creatures, from the standard vampires to wererats and werelions.  this just turns the book into one big bedroom scene.  When I start flipping pages to get to some meaning non-sex related action, you know something is wrong.  This comes from a guy who has dog-eared pages in his copy of Nancy Friday's "My Secret Garden".

When something goes wrong in her bed choice partner, Anita stresses about it to the point of a fault.  I have long felt Ms. Hamilton was writing her character into a corner, and I've been proven correct in that the main story plots have been pushed aside for relationship angst.   Anita has several problem in her own camp that need to be solve with lots of bullet and 10 pages of writing from Ms. Hamilton.  I'm surprised "Evil"  hasn't taken advantage of Anita indecision, and brought fiery destruction down on St. Louis, MO. 

Now if you want an adult version of Twilight with cover to cover fucking feel free to grab a copy of Bullet.

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