Saturday, September 10, 2005

OK I'm Pissed.

Your house has 6 feet of water in it and you are 2 hours away from drinking your own urine and feces, because your water is contaminated. You have no food and Your hometown is now a toxic swamp. YOU HAVE THE NEVRE to say you don't want to come to IOWA. As if everyhting has to be better than IOWA! ALL I Can say is: FUCK YOU! Drown in your own SHIT! Iowa has put out it's hand to you and you have spit on it. We have a clean, warm safe place for over a 1000 people. We have over 400 vacant nice Farmhouse scatter across the landscape and we have to trick you to get you on the fucking plane! (By not telling you where you are going until 20 minutes into the flight!)

Well I have news for you IOWA is the best kept secret in the United States. Followed closely by Wisconsin and Minnesota. I have lived in almost every region in the U.S. and lived in over a dozen states. Sure California has Sun, naked women, and pretty people, but most of those people are ASSHOLE and the EARTH MOVES! Earthquakes, Wildfires and air so thick you need a fork and knife too breathe. Texas is nice, if your white. Otherwise, stay only in college towns. Florida's only redeeming feature is the Kennedy Space Center. New York and the East Coast have more people with stiff backs and poles up their backsides than a the manniques at Abercrombie & Fitch. I don't mind driving through theses places, but I would never live there or want to raise my kids there.

This next part is really for my fellow Black Americans. SHUT UP AND GET ON THE DAMN PLANE! I Know you think IOWA is filled with hicks and crackers, but you don't know how dark the veil is over your own eyes in the southern states. Yes, I've had racism here, but at least everyone has given me at least one chance. I know you are scared, but that waht they want you to be. The South doesn't want you to know how nice it is someplace else. What you fail to see, you have NO Chnaces, and some people expect and want you to fail. Everytime you hear "Go back to Africa." or "We don't want you here nigger." What they are really saying is "stay in your place". MLK figures this out long ago. The South needs us more than we need them. Some white have figured this out too. Look at Atlanta, GA. That's black money keeping it afloat. If every minorite left the south, the economy would collapse. Who pumps money into the southern infrastructure, ride the buses, works the crappy jobs, and spend money in the regular stores. WE DO! Do you think the trailer trash will take up the slack? I will bet you the sun and the moon those rich gen Y and X kids could tell which end of the fry basket goes in the oil. In a way the South is like Rome, 10 people in white togas and 90 people in the background keeping the city running. If everyone who was doing something left, the reaming people wouldn't know what to do with themselves. (Probably cut thier throats shaving.)

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