Friday, September 16, 2005

Why do all the hot women need to be Democrats?

I'm talking with this woman I know, who just reminds me that I'll be spending entrnity in the seventh circle, when she say, "This huricanes just show how evil, and stupid GWB is! I hate him! If all those peopl die, it will just show the world how bad he is." I respond, "So you hate him that much, you want to see people die just to prove your point?" "I'm kidding, I hate him, I don't talk politics here in the gym" she retorts. Then stomps off in a huff.


Some people ar so blinded by hate of the 2004 ( and dare I say 2000) elections, that there is no reasoning with them. If the Dems blow 2008 it won't be from poor issues, poor canidates, and dumb luck. It will be because of this attitude of everything is bad and it's all GWB's fault. The Dems will cry wolf so many times , that even when true no one will believe them, and the DEMs don't see it. The also hate the Dems tone esp. in Iowa City: "You don't know the issues like we do so you are an idiot."

Back to the lady...

Why bring something up , if you don't want to discuss it? "I'm just kidding", "This is just my opinion", and "Whatever"... Are all dodges. A way of throwing rocks at the glass house then running away before the owner confronts you.

Clinton nails everyhting that moves, and people (and Women) think he is great sensual man. I don't even think GW has sex with anyone, and he is Satan himself.

So basically, I should have spent my college life whoring and abusing women, and would have gotten laid every night. Instead I spent my time studying and thinking. This makes me chopped cold liver.

What I need is some "Republican Coeds gone wild" on DVD.

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