Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sometime I sit around and wonder why I'm so fat. Then I remember me stuffing my face at the last buffet. Ah HA!

Well, this time it was Sunday Brunch. What a brunch it was! Back to the Granite City Food and Brewery in Cedar Rapids. It has been ages since I Sunday Brunch. I had French Toast, bacon, and best roast beef I'v had in three years. I really wanted waffles, because I had a waffle dream the night. (Aside I know I post long detailed analysis about other people dreams, but with mine they are all really simple, Food, Sex, and Death. What can I say, your average shrink would never get rich treating me.) Anyway, back to the food. They had an eggs benidict bar! Yummi... I'm in Heaven. After stuffing myself, the Bastards, bless thier hearts, brought out fresh baked cinnamon rolls (warm with a side of butter)! BACK YOU FOUL DEVILS! My Meds are working over time to keep me alive. I know where I'm taking my parents next time they come and visit.

For the past few weeks, I've been lurking in a section of the blogverse I stumble into. I've been in the Den of the Biting Beaver getting in touch with my femenist side. I always thought myself as a warm sensative caring guy, but Dang! I'm in trouble now. Most of you have read my post on the interaction between men and women, so I present this as the other side of the coin. When you are done there check out these others: Bitch PhD., I Blame the Patriarchy , and One Angry Girl

In many ways I think we agree on the same issues, but for different reasons.

Along the same lines, every wonder what would happen if all the men the planet died?
That's the set of graphic novels I'm reading now: Y: The Last Man

If you have the bandwidth you can download the first graphic novel here for free as a pdf file. Y: The Last Man #1 (8.8 MB PDF)

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