Sunday, December 11, 2005

DING 60! Welcome Iceblossom to level 60! Yippie.

Actually I hit level 60 two weeks ago, but I've been busy with school, work, kids, and family. I have such cool stuff to tell you, and it gets even better because Blizzard has a Christmas Deal for you! World of Warcraft for $19.95. After rebate, of course.

You would thinkn after hitting level 60 (the current max) I'd be bored fighting dragons, killing orcs, and doing arcane mayhem. Not true, because for the really cool battlegrounds for PVP. ( Player Vs. Player ) Besides the regular raiding and free for all melees, there are three special areas to test yourself versus other player. Each contest give you Honor, Glory, and really neat items to earn. I'm current a Sergeant in the Alliance!

Warsong Glutch is a "Capture the Flag" game.

Alterac Valley is an "Assualt" game.

Arathi Basin is a "Domination/King of the Hill" Game

The last two games are my favorites. Loads of fun!

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