Tuesday, December 20, 2005

This is too deliciously ironic to pass up. I was driving around doing some last minute shopping and I hear an ad on the radio. A gentlemen’s club is opening in Muscatine. The ad was a call for tryouts. I almost drove off the road, laughing. I’ve work in Muscatine over 15 years, so this is shocking. Muscatine fought tooth and nail over riverboat gambling. Muscatine was looking for economic growth, and they finally got the boats in the early 90’s. The boats left the next season because Muscatine wasn’t profitable. Muscatine has tried a festival (Country and Bluegrass Music), which barely squeaks by judging what I have been told. That’s not surprising since Muscatine’s demographic has changed from when the idea was first conceived. The town has thought about IMAX theaters, science museums, and heaven knows what else.

What is so stranger about this is Muscatine itself. I’ve never seen an adult bookstore, massage parlor, or even an X-rated movie in a video store. I’m pretty sure that goes for Muscatine County as well, but don’t take that as fact. So how did this slip by city management?

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