Monday, December 19, 2005

You would think I could find a decent snow shovel. I have a five-year-old steel snow shovel, the kind that is like a blade of a plow. Some people would call this a snow scrapper. It has served me well and is now in need of replacement. The blade is now down by 30% from scrapping against concrete driveways and sidewalks. I have looked high and low for a replacement to no avail. WTF. Poly-bond. Another way of saying a plastic shovel with a metal (steel/aluminum) riveted to the leading edge of the shovel. Who the HELL thought this would be a good idea? Obviously not someone who grew up in a place where it snows on a regular basis. If I ever find the idiot who came up with the poly-bond shovel I’m going to paddle his butt and make him shovel my driveway with a spoon.

I’ve also been doing some last minute Christmas shopping. Like so many other mindless zombies, marching down aisle after aisle looking for anything you can throw under a tree or in a stocking. My current dilemma is my daughter, Technowitch. What do I get her? This is new for me because I must think like a pre-teen girl. With the boys, Technotaz and Technowiz, it’s simple. What they want is the same things I wanted as a kid. Plutonium, gunpowder, M-80s, things that required a power source, and of course anything I could use to possibly lose an eye, limb, or other body part. I will be scratching my head for a while on this one.

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