Saturday, December 31, 2005

This is what was in my stocking Christmas morning. It’s a pillow book. It’s from my mom. My parents went to San Francisco two weeks ago. Sometime, when my father wasn’t watching her she snuck off and found this in a little shop in Chinatown. A pillow book is something you give to newlyweds, in the hope of getting some grandkids real soon. Go figure, I guess three is not enough my mother. Actually, it was quite funny seeing this and trying to keep it out of sight of the Technohorde. “What did you get Daddy?” “Can I see?” “Is that an ascot?”

My mom is very open about sex and doesn’t mind telling it to the world. She has spent time as a social worker, helping battered and abused women, helped out at risk high school student, watched over young mother and pregnant teens, did AIDS/HIV counseling, and taught Sex Ed. to quite a few people. I’m proud of her, but sometimes she makes me wonder. Of course, this will go in the private collection. I’ve left instruction in the event of my untimely death to have bedroom reduced to ashes. My greatest irrational fear is a tornado will strike the house and scatter everything across the city.

On that note, something happened about 4 weeks ago, when I was walking Technowitch (TW) to schools. I found a cover to an adult video lying next to the sidewalk. Quickly, I distracted TW by throwing acorns at her and telling her squirrels were attacking. (One of those silly games we play on the way to school.) I kicked the cardboard box out of sight, and finished the walk to school. On the return trip back to the house sans TW I picked up the video box to throw in the trash. I don’t mind picking up someone’s trash in this case, because at least ten kids walk that same way to school.

What I don’t get is why someone could just take the movie home and dispose of the cover someplace safe. Are you that worked up that you have to get your movie out and throw the wrapping out of your car? What were you thinking?!?!?!

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