Saturday, March 04, 2006

Blood: Life by the Number

BP: 127/80
43% Red Blood Cells by volume.

Why do I give blood? Because at this moment it is all I have, I’m cheap and my blood is pure. Pure, in the sense, that I have no blood born illnesses or pathogens. I’m not strung out on anything, except caffeine. As long as they will take my blood, I will give it. It’s rare that you can find good donors. Everyone has blood, but some of the best potential donor may have a problem with needles.

Today, I took Technowitch to the Blood Clinic. She watched everything and asked lots of questions. I’m so proud of her. The only time she flinched was when Daddy was getting the needle stuck in his arm. She even felt the bag of blood after it was collected. It was still warm and she squealed when you felt it. Did you know blood look a lot like warm chocolate syrup when running through the plastics tubes? I told TW Daddy was filled with chocolate syrup not blood. We had some laughs after that.

TW really like the snacks we had after the donation. Five minutes of work (Daddy getting drained!) and you get cookie, fruit snacks, and juice. TW had a great time.

I always wonder what happens to my unit of blood. My favorite fantasy is that my Father-in-Law is a couple of pints low and all they have is blood from me. After getting his white ass saved from my willing donation he spends the next six months listen to loud rap music, smoking weed, eating fried chicken, and chasing women with big butts! Yeah, they are all stereotypes, but it’s my fantasy and seeing my Father-in-law with a case of jungle fever would be just to damn funny. Imagine Strom Thurman begging Yolanda for some booty.

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