Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Half Nekkid Tuesday

“Pocket Calling” is when your cell phone calls someone without you knowing. I guess the lint bunnies get lonely and want to talk to someone. Usually this happens when I bump into something, fish my keys out of my pocket, and accidentally hit the “speed dial” or hands free feature on the cell phone. What happens is one of my best friends spends two or three minutes yelling at my crotch, so I can pick up the phone. Most of the time they get annoyed, hang up and I hear about it later.

Recently, I discovered I’ve been doing something far more provocative. “Pocket Snapping”, my camera has fifty pictures of guess who’s favorite body part. That’s right Simba has been having his own private photo shoot session in my pants pocket. My phone has fifty pictures of genuine Black Mississippi One-eyed Wonder Trouser Snake. Ladies, take a good look and don’t be shy about asking for autographs.

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