Saturday, May 13, 2006

It seems Mr. Moussaoui is not happy with his life in prison sentence. Evidently he doesn’t like having minimal human contact and one hour a day on the dog run. He doesn’t like the nice federal supermax prison - ADX, in Florence, Colorado. He was so looking forward to his accession to the hot tub with the untold numbers of nubile virgins that he didn’t comprehended that he might NOT get the death penalty. Boo Hoo. Maybe he does not like the body cavity searches he gets before and after his time on the dog run. It’s not quite what I had in mind with Bubba, but it works just as well. Now he will have to spend his days growing old and being the poser-loser that he is. I’m sure he is the butt of many jokes of his al-Qaida friends as a wannabe.

Well, Mr. Moussaoui doesn’t like that and he want to appeal his sentence and get a new trial. All under the guise that he could not understand how American could be fair and merciful. Well you have made your bed now sleep in it!

Aside: Here is a list of inmates at ADX

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