Tuesday, May 16, 2006

OK, the Physics kiddies are taking their Final Exam and I have a few things on my mind. Time to lighten the mood a little.

Item I: Iowa truly is a sportsperson’s paradise. I killed more animals with my environmentally friendly civic hybrid, than I ever have with a gun. Last week, it was pheasant on the menu. The freaking bird ran out in front of the car, and then tried to fly when it realized its’ doom. It smacked right into my windshield and left some strange clear goo that didn’t come off with the wipers. All I saw was a brown blur flopping on the highway in my rear view mirror and a scattering of lovely plumage.

Item II: Last year I spent the summer looking for a record player, and this year it’s a cassette deck. I’ve got over 100 tapes of music and audio that I what to convert to something I can use on my Ipod. I got the software, but no player. Best buy doesn’t even carry something like that anymore and I refuse to buy another boom box. I finally found Sony Walkman that I’ll try and use for my audio source. This summer I will need to hit the pawnshops, garage sales, and second hand store and see if I can find a decent cassette deck.

Item III: Hello Cthulhu is going on the side bar. I really like this comicstrip, because it strikes chord in my being. Deep down I have a warm fuzzy side that wants chaos and destructions.

Item IV: I’ve still been lurking on the feminist blogs and have stumbled across three blogs I will regular try to visit. Hollaback is a site about street harassment. Mostly it’s about men behaving badly, but it can include other types of harassment too.

The next two sites appeals to the gamer side of me. I found these while wandering through several side roads in my feminist reading. Guilded Lilies is a gamers’ blog run by nice woman who spends her time playing a lot of the same stuff I do. Terra Nova is a group of people taking MMORPGs to the research level. Both have really interesting stuff to say about gaming and society in general.

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