Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Building the Perfect Beast: Hard Drive Woes

I’m spending some quality time with my favorite girl in the red dress. FEAR. I am blasting stuff; she is chasing me and scaring the crap out of me. It’s about nine at night and I hear the sound of two squirrels on crack fighting. I figure the squirrels are having a territory dispute and I ignore them. The sound goes away. Time for a snack and some WoW. I’m blasting hordies, kicking butt and taking names. The noise starts up again and my computer freezes. I reboot and the squirrels settle down. They start up again in about ten minutes and Amanda starts acting funny again. Now I start looking for the squirrels.

It’s the Game Hard drive in Amanda. The bearings are going. I’ve never had a hard drive fail on me, so this is new. No problem Amanda’s P160 ANTEC case has a hard rack. I pull the hard drive and thank GOD I had the sense to get the Western Digital drives with 3-year warranty. My theory to system design works like a charm. Separate drive for the three main functions: System Software, Games, and Media. If one drive fails the rest are OK.

I go to Neocomputers and I swap out the hard drive and get a new one. I love these guys! In less than 30 minutes, my new drive is up and running. Yeah, I could have paid to have the drive data restored and moved to the new drive, but it’s just game data. Do I really need my saved game of DOOM III I played on Easter Sunday? Nope!

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