Thursday, November 09, 2006

GBLT is the new Black
For the past year I’ve been attending several Diversity meeting and conferences. Whenever the concept of workplace diversity comes up, it is not Black issues, Hispanic issues, Asian Issues or even Jewish issues that predominate the conversation. It seems that the black movement has become so complacent that the GBLT has taken the spotlight in hearts and mind of America’s conscience. It sort of bugs me, but I can understand. Most Black Americans feel either they have arrived or protest about the injustice in the system. We have either gone too far or not far enough. The question is what is the goal of affirmative action? It is meant to tilt the playing field to one extreme or is it meant to balance the playing field and give everyone a fair chance? In my opinion, if you mess up your life through drinking, drug and really bad choices, that’s your problem not the MAN’s problem. One would think that the Hispanics peoples in Iowa would have more to complain about in Iowa than most GBLT groups. This doesn’t seem to be the case and I cannot figure out why. Maybe, they feel the less attention they draw to their group the better off they are. At some point the Hispanic peoples in the United State will reach a synergy due to numbers and the power shift will be dramatic and awe inspiring to watch. Maybe the GBLTs finally figure out that arguing amongst themselves was counterproductive, and that has spurred on their ascendancy.

I wish the Black community would learn that less of unity. Stop holding rappers and athletes up as role model. Stop condemning successful middle class blacks as sell-out. Embraces all form of black sexuality and put a stop to the AIDS epidemic sweeping through the African-American population. Stop the teen pregnancy. Get off welfare. Stop the Drug use. And Stop calling all the shit that goes on in the Black community our “culture”. Rap, Hos, and Pimpin’ with Gold are Not a Cultural Values!

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