Saturday, December 23, 2006

Building the Perfect Beast: Mandi
This is Mandi. She a fun gal who like to go to party and play games. When she is not doing that she like to sit with me and watch movies and show from my TiVo. Actually I've been dreaming about her for quite awhile, ever since I got my Sony Wega TV three years ago. The TV had inputs for svideo, composite, progressive scan, and HD that I want to always try hooking a computer up to it and my home threater system. The TiVo experience just made it too sweet to pass up. Mandi now store my shows and I play them on my big TV, and I play net radio, dvds, and surf the web too.

At the same time, last year I start a Video Game and PC Gaming club at the college. I have always want a host LAN Party at the meeting. Have the students bring their rigs and see what kind of mayhem we can create. Last year we did a Halo tournament on Xbox. We played on a projection system in one of the lecture halls. It was awesome! I'd like to expand on that and see if we can truly get some LAN Parties every month. I'm thinking the 2nd week of the month will be LAN/PC games, 3rd week is Anime/Movies, and the 4 week of the Month is for console games. I diagress.

Mandi has two jobs: LAN HOST and Digital Media Server. She is a lot like her big sister Amanda. Her are her stats:

AMD Athon 64 X2 Daul Core 3800 proccessors
Asus MVNPV-VM AM2 Motherboard
2 512MB sticks of PC5300 DDR Memory
NEC DVD +/- RW Double layer Drive
160 GB Seagate Hard Drive 7200 RPM SATA 8 MB Cache (System Core Drive)
320 GB Seagate Hard Drive SATA II 16 MB Cahce (Media Drive)
Gigabyte PCI Express 256 MB GForce 7600GS Graphic Card
Qpack Blue Case w/ 420 WATT Power supply
Microsoft Wireless keyboard and Mouse

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