Friday, January 19, 2007

Book #6 – Postsecret by Frank Warren
Book #7 – My Secret: A Postsecret Book by Frank Warren
Book #8 – The Secret Lives of Men and Women By Frank Warren

Ok, I didn’t buy these books, but I got them for Christmas from the High Priestess. I’ve been raving about the Postsecret website. People from all over the world write their most intimate secret on a post and mail them to Frank Warren. What once was a local art project grew into something more. The site has become a Father Confessor to the world. I read this site every Sunday when it updates. I wish Mr. Warren would keep all the updates to his blog logged in an archive, but it would take gigabytes of space I’m sure. Out of the thousand of cards come lectures, tours, and art exhibits and theses three books. I really hope some of the cash Mr. Warren gets goes to a Crisis Center or something.

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