Saturday, May 26, 2007

It's 4:30 Friday morning, back in the corner of my mind I hear: "Mommmm Uurrrgh Splat" It's the sound of a garden hose emptyiny followed by the splash sound of a bukcet full of water hit a floor or a spot on the lawn. No matter how I describe it, I can't do it justice. Try this fill a glass with water, close you eyes, then trun it suddenly upside down over a concrete floor. That's the sound of Kiddicus Vomitius. The sick child I know so well. I'm up in a karate stand ready to start the day. This beats any alarm or clock radio. The only great thing about being a Dad at this point, the kids always go to mom when they feel sick. So it's on her side of the bed. THANK YOU LORD!

Looks like no school for Technowitch! The High Priestess is up cleaning the impact site. Looks like she has lost two set of black shoes. Which kind of works out because she now has an excuse to go buy some new ones. I go get the Steam Vac my parents gave us as an anniversary gift one year. THANKS MOM and DAD! I mean that, a great gift is one that is a used gift.

I had plans to work on my online course, and get something done, while the high priestess and the kids go see the Grandparents. All that is trashed. I spend the weekend with TW alone, while the rest leave for the Grands.

It's not so bad. TW recovers. We see a Movie. I read to her before bedtime and get to watch her sleep. I didn't get a damn thing done, but I'm sure TW will remember this time as father daughter bonding.

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