Saturday, September 01, 2007

Waiting on the Government

Actually this isn't so bad consider what I'm asking them to do. Most things take 6 - 8 weeks when dealing with the government. This request has only been four, and I know they have other things on their mind: WAR, TERRORIST, INFRASTRUCTURE, CHAOS, DEATH, OIL, and the poor. So may request is very, very, very small hill of beans, but I paid them $27 and I know they cashed the check.

I'm into genealogy in a big way. I just found my Grandfather's death benefit posted by the Social Security Office. This is great news, because I'm looking for anything I can on my Great-Grandfather and my Great-Grandmother. The fact that Grandfather Tech got a death benefit means at some point in time he filled out an applications for Social Security. The Social Security offices keep that information forever, and If you fill out the right form and spend some cash you can get a copy of the original application. So what you say? Here is the best part. The original form should hold the names of the parents! Mega Cool! Since I don't know the name of my Great-Grandmother's name! This would open a whole branch of my family and lead to some really Giga cool stuff.


Paul said...

Okay, so right after I left my comment about the bridge collapse--which you've no doubt heard about by now--the home PC decided to die. The Geek Squad discovered that it was a blown "southbridge" chip, which is a fairly common problem with eMachines after two or three years. "We don't recommend repair," they said. "You can get a whole new computer that's faster for about the same price." Yeah. Another steaming pile of eMachine? Nein, danke.

Coincidentally, this was right about the time that Apple came out with its new line of iMacs. The choice was easy.

So, anyway, I just got around to taking all my old Firefox bookmarks off the DVDs the Geeks burned for us off the old machine, which is why I've been in communicado for a while.

Technomage said...

HELLO the heck are you!

So what nice shiny iMac did you get?

Like the new look?