Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Core Dump.... 3...2...1

Once again I've been busy doing all the little things that keep me away from my computer and blog.

1. Snow - Lot's of snow. I've never seen this much snow in Iowa and I've been here fro Damn near 20 years. I like snow, but this is starting to remind me of Wisconsin and makes me think we have really toasted the planet. I'll been shoveling instead of doing my TKD workouts. It helps that the driveway has a southern exposure and the sun helps melt the snow. I still can let the snow pile up when the plow comes by or I'll tear up the bottom of my car on the ice when I pull out of my driveway. It amazes me that no one else on the street has learned that lesson. During the last thaw I watched all of them hacking their way out of their driveways.

2. My Birthday came and went, but i stilled didn't get what I want. I guess Angelina Jolie was too busy to come by with a quart of Cool Whip and a goat. I'd settle for the High Priestess in something lacy, lime Jello, a willing attitude, and six hours of uninterrupted time.

Instead I bought a Playstation 3. I've really been looking for a Blu-ray player, but the cost of a PS3 made it a deal that is too good to pass up. Seems that it was the right decision too, since Sony has decided the change the PS3 architecture. OMG this thing is amazing. Blu-ray looks amazing on a true Hi-Def screen. I've been playing Heavenly Sword in my quiet time, watching downloaded movie trailers, storing my TIVO files on it, and finding the cure for cancer while in the screensaver mode. (Aside: The PS3 runs Folding@Home when not busy killing aliens. Very Cool. It even plots all the other PS3 on the planet doing the Folding@Home onscreen while working.)

3. After three weeks of playing the PS3 in the kitchen/Family room the High Priestess snaps. "Does every TV have to have a video game plugged into it?!?!?!" Well..... Yeah, but she is right. I can't really enjoy the view while sitting in a kitchen chair. My teaching overload bonus shows up the third week in February. Time to go shopping! I've been kicking the idea of a HDTV in my head for the past year. My Sony 32 inch looks so small from across the living room floor, especially in widescreen mode. I do some research. HDTV's look best at the closest range of 1.5 time the screen measurement and 3 times the screen measurement at the far range. The Sony is 32 inches which means the best viewing range 48 inches (4ft, 1.2 meters) to 96 inches (8ft, 2.4 meters). My couch is 10 and a half feet from the TV screen. I was thinking of getting a 42 inch LCD, working the numbers put the long range just at my head. I do some more reading and take a tape measure to Best Buy. Teen feet is pretty far away. CNET and Consumer Report suggest buying a set that is a little bigger than you think, or the most you can afford. I look at some 46 inch set and run the numbers in my head. Bingo! Now to do some price shopping, online and local. I run into Sears just to be thorough. OMG! They have the SONY KDL52XBR4! I ask the saleman to hook on a HDDVD player and show me the Demo. It's beach scene: White sand, palm trees, crystal clear blue water, and a lovely young woman. MY GOD! I can count the fine downy hairs on her back! I'm Sooooooooooo SONY's Bitch. It's on sale and just a little more than the 46 inch model. GREAT! Next day I drag the HP out to see the TV. Yawn! but I expect that because any that run on electrons bores her. We talk some and I order one, it will be in on Monday.

I wait. Monday rolls around and I head off to Mr. Movies where it is Dollar Mondays . You can rent anything for a dollar, even the Blu-ray discs. That's a deal since no one in the nieghborhood has a Blu-ray player those movies are always in stock. I get the call that my TV is in and I go pick it up. OMFG it's huge. it fits perfectly in the living room and gives me a deep warm fuzzy feeling. HD is so totally the way to go. Now I have to see if I can find any HD jello porn.

4. HDTV - So after buying everything under the sun. Time to find soem new content. I been using Bit-torrent to find some of the Torchwood episode I've been missing. Cool, I've found soem HD versions. Gwen looks so yummy in HD! I need to go get an HD box for the cable. Regular DVD look great too, but you really can tell the difference. I'm shopping at Best Buy again and pick up a few things. I've been watching "Six Feet Under" with Micheal C. Hall while I step in the morning so I decide to pick up "DEXTER". Great show but I can't see how they are going to get this on network during primetime.

5. Cookies - Yep, it's time. MY A1c is at 7% Not good, I really need to stop buying these things. The only bright spot is a new report that saying maybe trying to keep your AC1 under 6.5% is worse than having it at 7%. Seems like all that exercise makes diabetics croak from heart attacks. Well..... maybe just one or two cookies. I don't want to go blind so I put the rest of the girl scout cookies into the freezer.

6. Egg Roll - Technowitch's Girl Scout group is doing a China Booth for Color my World Day. Last fall a lovely lady came to a GS meeting and taught the girls about sticky rice, and spring rolls. Bless that woman's heart she bought plenty of samples. If I was a weaker man I'd kidnap her so she could cook them for me. She came back to teach the girls how to cook the spring rolls. I'll post the recipe later.

7. New Buffet - I've been driving by this place for two years. Two weeks ago I finally decided to check the place out, because I forgot my lunch. Long story short, I stuff my face and I been back at least five times. It's all pretty basics for a buffet, but it hits the spot and I'm not hungry until 8PM. I just have to remember not to go on the days I have TKD. Last sparring, I knocked out my opponent off the mat with an atomic butt blast.

8. Elections - I'm tried. The Democratic party convention is going to be a blood bath. Those who remembered my 2004 post recalled that I said G.W.bush needed to win if Hillary was going to have a chance in 2008. This was her year of course I did not see the whirlwind that is Obama. If the Dems had a winner take all system this would probably be all over by now, but the Dems just don't trust the "common" people. If history does show anything the Dems have the most luck with canidates that seems to come out of the blue. Kennedy, Carter, and Clinton all came from the outside and the smart money gave them all a snowball chance in hell. What does a peanut farmer know about running a country? And I know the Governorship of Arkansas is just a hot bed of foreign policy. I mind it interesting that the Blacks and Latinos are being pitted against each other. I wish I had a baseball bat big enough to knock some sense into a few key people. Mark my words: the Dems were give the White house on a silver platter and they are going to Fuck it up.

9. What's with the plunging necklines theses day. This semester the fashion seems to be large breasts and low cut tops. As pleasant as I find this development, I don't get it. It's minus 10 out with a wind chill in the minus twenties. What are you ladies going to be wearing when it's 40?

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