Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So I come back form a long weekend and I see the Physics Students have sacraficed a small furry mammal to apease whatever dark gods watch over the college. It's always great to find dead animals on your desk. It just makes you feel loved and gives you a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart.
In reality, I go through this ever year. The weather starts getting cold and the field mouse start wandering inside looking for food and warmth. I've been seeing little present left over my desk and keyboards for about a week now. Last week I decides to do something about it.
Being a traditionalist I went for the plain wood trap. These little bastards just licked the peanut butter off and didn't spring any of the six trap I left scatter around the office. So it's was off to the hardware store to find a better mousetrap.

Theses black Rentokil mouse are great: easy baiting and a hair trigger. The only thing better would be mininuke land mines that would give a satisfying popping sound and vaporize the mouse body at the same time. I was so happy I bought a couple more just for spite. I use peanut butter because it spread easily and is aromatic so the mouse can find it. Although, I can't figure out why they like my desk. (I threw away that bag of chilli cheese fritos a long time ago.)

I was rewarded again with a dead animal on Tuesday as well. Looks like I caught the fat one first and his skinny brother next.

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