Thursday, August 19, 2010

1 down and 2 to go.

Yesterday the High Priestess drop Technotaz off at Iowa State.  Hot Damn!  Of course, now we have to play through the nose to keep him there.  Of course the HP, was in tears for the past few weeks.  Well, at least the bot is not on drugs, in prison or a father to several kids around town.  Which I can say is a world of difference from some of his kindergarten soccer teammates:  One in jail, another is a drop-out  and who knows about some of the others.

All I asked from him was to make sure i didn't get a call at 2 AM from Iowa States saying, He's dead, dying, drunk or blew up the Chemistry building.  In a nutshell:  Don't do anything Stupid!

Aside:  Last week I took the HP and Technowitch down to the campus were I work.  I introduce my wife and her to a colleague.  We talk about our kids and I mentioned Technotaz was off to Iowa State.  The colleague response?  "I didn't think you were that old!"

Thanks.... Sometimes everyone needs a kick in the balls...

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