Thursday, July 04, 2013

Metadata Gone Wild

I have three children, two sons and a daughter.  However, I have discover the Internet Metadata Fairy has blessed me with three extra sons and another daughter.

So last week, when the postman dropped off a coupon pack for Victoria's Secret I assumed it was for the High Priestess or Technowitch.  Nope, evidently my oldest son is a major player.  Ignoring the fact the mailer is a slap across the face of all normal woman. (Insert Body Image Rant here:  She has no curves and looks like she is fifteen.) Why would my oldest son get coupons for bras and underwear?!?! 

He is already just a bag of hormones.  Why throw him a spank material in the mail along with free panties.  That's just a recipes to make him dysfunctional male who treats women like sex objects and kicks puppies in frustration.  This is like thrown raw meat covered in BBQ sauces to a straving grizzly bear.  Why do it?   Who thought this one up?  "Hmmmm... what do we need in our Victoria's Secret store?"   More young adult men, because that's not creepy at all.  Maybe we should start a queue outside the dressing rooms?

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