Sunday, September 18, 2005

Ok, new rule of thumb. Something to go with: "Don't do anything that will get you on the Jerry Springer Show".

This one is: "Don't be the 40 year old guy hanging out in the college bar." or the corollary: "Don't be the 40+ year old guy hanging out in the titty bar."

Sure it my be cute the first time, but after that it's just creep.

I watched to of my friends (mid 20's) get hit on by a 40 year old guy. The guy crashed and burned, but it was so fast. Like this guy was stalking women in the bar. The Birthday boy I'm with turns his back for 30 sec, and BOOM! Mr. lover is there. After he leaves birthday boy say something like: "It's a FAC (Friday after class) guy. Gosh, I hope am not 40 in a bar reliving my past and hitting on coeds."

So I'm thinking.... WTF I'm I doing here? Not that I was hitting on any Coeds. I was just there wishing the Bday Boy glad tiddings and moral support. So I finished my dinner, and left. Just part of my personal code: "Always know when it's time to leave a party."

I went to my car, stopped by a bookstore and found a book by Richard Feynman. Feynman is a Demigod in my personal pantheon. I pick up some apple pies for my kids, then went home and killed things in World or Warcraft.


Stop reading and go here.

This place is awesome. You can tell how good this place is by how many fat people hang out here. Yes, I'm one of them. Order the full slab dinner. If you need a cheap date, take a friend who doesn't mind BBQ sauce and sticky fingers. Split the dinner, order two beers. I can't tell you how good these ribs are you just have to try them for yourself. The other place I used to go to is in for some rough times ahed, if they don't get their act together.

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