Saturday, February 18, 2006

I must say: I really love Hills Bank. See this lovely basket made by The Basket Cases. I won this in a Valentine’s Day drawing. I can’t understand how this bank makes any money, let alone pay interest on the saving accounts and CD. The people at Hills Bank are always doing something: Hot Dogs for Customer Appreciation Day, Car Wash Saturday, See the Spring Chicks Hatch Week, Free Cookies on Friday, Donut Holes on Saturday Morning, the list of fun stuff just goes on and on. I actually like going to the bank now. Everyone remembers my name, and on good day they don’t even have to ask what I want, they already know! It’s just a darn friendly place!

Contrast this place with Wells Fargo. These guys are just evil. Greed with a capital: G R E E D! They make errors all the time, and if you don’t catch them they won’t correct it. When you do find something wrong and it’s their fault, it still takes them 2 – 4 weeks to find out. Your questions are answered in 24-48 business hours. Which really means 3 to 6 days, since they only count the hours they are open.

There are only two redeeming features For Wells Fargo. First, a very nice lady in loan management and a bank teller with the biggest roundest butt I have ever seen. This butt is so perfect I could bounce quarters off of it all day. If the local branch loses either of these two people, I’m so gone. This bank makes me want to buy the company just so I can fire everyone.

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