Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Half-Naked Tuesday: Life by the Number.

I highly in favor of HNT, so I’m doing my first post on a body part that I don’t even see that often. Last week was spring break for me. It’s the time of the year I get the tires kicked, rotated, oil changed, and all the other maintenance my body requires. Monday it was the dentist. Teeth are fine, but I need to floss more. Tuesday was the blood check up. A1c is 6.5%, up by 1%. Not great but with the realm of a diabetic norm. That’s something I can work on over the next six months. The doctor was today. I’m at 277! That’s three pounds less than Tony Soprano. Not fair! The Doctor’s scale lies! It’s really 270, but I’m wearing sevens pound of clothes. The BP is 130/60, which is very good. The doctor says I should lose 20 pounds and she read my chart to me, in 1992 I was 239. Damn! What kids and fast food will do to you! My fault, I should go back to boycotting McDonald’s. Last Friday, it was the eye doctor. My vision has slightly improved! Which bring us back to HNT. This is my eye. Pretty cool, eh. Notice the blood vessels and how nice and clear they are. The white dot is my optic nerve. The dark spot is normal and that where most of my vision is centered. I can hardly wait until next week, when I can post my colon pictures!

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