Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Time for some more flotsam and jetsam of the mind.

Flotsam: I missed newspaper personal. Every Tuesday I sit in Taco John enjoying my Ecoli-free burrito and reading the Quad City Reader Personals or the Personal Ads in the local paper. "MWF seeks BM for Sex Toy" were my favorite ads. "GWM seeks GBM or GHM for non-Drama Relationship." "DWF, 55 seek pool boy"... You get the picture. Well the internet completely destroyed my lunch routine unless I bring my laptop. True the ads have more details, but something is missing. All the ways human beings try to sum up their lives and connect with someone in 35 words or less.

Jetsam: Time to brush off the "Ask a Black man Anything" series. Tiem to start sending me those emails with all the question you want to ask but were affraid that you'd get a foot in the ass or have someone "pop a cap" over what you said. Questions anyone?

Flotsam: You can always tell when someone throws up. It a very distictive sound: sort of a wet splotch sound with a splash at the end. I should know Technowiz just power ralphed in the hall not 60 minutes ago. Looks like I'm staying home tomorrow, those pesky school rule getting in the way of me going to work. Oh Darn!

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