Tuesday, August 07, 2007

In a moment it can all be taken away from you.
The high Priestess and I were packing Friday to make our yearly pilgrimage to the family reunion. We tell teh kids to get ready. One of them close the door to the bathroom and start the water. The water stops. After ten minutes we hear nothing in the bathroom and assume Technotaz has finished with his shower. But Taz is downstairs with Technowiz having breakfast. The High Priestess calls for Technowitch, but she doesn't answer. The Priestess figures she is just busy and calls again. No answer. She knock on the bathroom door. No answer. She tries the door. It is lock. We try to make sure the kids have some privacy and TW has taken to locking the door so her older brother don't bother her. The bathroom door has a flaw that if you stand in just the right place you can see between the door and the door frame. The Priestess peers into the bathroom and can see TW's legs in the bathtub. She pounds on the door and scream TW's name. The legs do not move. TW is in a full bathtub and is not moving. I grab a paper clip to trip the lock. I'm sure it is nothing, but I have a small knot in my stomach as I find TW in the tub not moving, her eyes closed and her head barely above water. I Reach down and grab her arm and jerk her from a prone position to standing. The movement is so violent I pull the muscles in my arm and throw out my shoulder out of whack. I scream at her. "TW you were asleep!" She flatly denies it as she shake the sleep from her eyes. I go on and on about not taking a bath when tried, locking the bathroom door, and all the bad things that could have happened. TW looks defiant. I know she think I'm just yelling at her because I am the biggest meanie. The High Priestess rushes in and hugs TW like there is no tomorrow. The priestess cries and wails about her sad thoughts. She tell TW how worried she was and how much TW means to us. TW starts to cry... She says she is sorry.

It is amazing any of us reach our teen years...


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