Saturday, December 01, 2007

Huge Cybernetic Tank Slamming Tactical Nukes into Each Other at Point Blank Range, I Love That!


What am I reading and why?

I mention that I've been cleaning and fooling around with my old computers. I came across this classic computer game called OGRE. The mac version only runs on the early Macintoshes with a 400K/800K drives (Mac 128K, Mac Plus and Mac SE). Steve Jackson listen to me now, get off your butt and release a new version of this game for the PC or Mac OS X (Universal Code please). This game is based on a set of SciFi stories of BOLO. BOLOs are massive cybernetic war machine that defend mankind from all threats.

While I'm playing this game it occurs to me I have one of these books on my PSP as an Ebook From BAEN. So I read the book, and I cried at the end. Yeah, it's fucked up. I don't cry during my uncle's funeral, but when BOLO Benji make a valiant last stand I cry like a baby. I got out and buy another BOLO - Old Soldiers, I cry again. Then I dig out my old OGRE boardgame. I started playing this game when I was 13. It's a great game and only $2.95 in 1980.

I dig out my old rulebooks and expansion sets. I look on the internet and find OGRE/GEV groups. There is even I place that sells old out of print games: NOBLE KNIGHT GAMES. I even made up some new records sheets. I talk my son Techontaz into playing a game of OGRE with me. He likes it.

Book #29 - BOLO! by David Weber

Book #30 - Old Soldiers by David Weber

Book #31 - The Ogre Book Second Edition

Book #32 - GURPS:OGRE by Jonathan Woodward


Good Wife said...

Oh man, you are sounding so much like my husband there, it's scary. lol

Maybe if I am feeling nice, I will share that site with him, I am sure he would find plenty of goodies there. :)


Technomage said...

Thanks, please feel free to point him here. I don't have aset schedule for updating because I'm not that organized, but please keep checking up on me.

Good Wife said...

You had me with the hamster post. lol

I am always happy to find a new place to read, and I have very much enjoyed your writing. Hope you don't mind, I linked you on my site. :)


Technomage said...

Thanks Again, Actually I like your blog's layout and you have given me some ideas for all my blogs.