Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Space Again : The Bathroom
Last month my father and I put new flooring in the rental units bathroom. Let me give you a tip for all you people thinking about starting a family and having lots of kids. Never use tile flooring in a bathroom, and for that matter the kitchen. When the High priestess and I moved into this house over 20 year ago, she was enchanted with the tile flooring. It was OK with me. After having kids never again. Everything you drop on the tile floor breaks. If your kids splash (why wouldn't they)in the tub, the water goes everywhere. The grout is a pain in the ass to clean and if it cracks anywhere kiss the subflooring goodbye.

I knew when we moved out, and converted the house to rental property we would have to redo the floor. That moment came in May 2009. As the subflooring went the tiles started to shift, and that make the grout crack even more. Which let more wet get to the wood underneath and destroys the wood, which cause the tile to move and shift more...... You get the point.

So we torn up everything and put down new foundation.
That took about 4 hours. After making a pattern, we cut out the linoleum and installed that. We put down vinyl molding and caulked the hell out of every nook and cranny. Basically turning the bathroom floor into one big bowl. I'm happy now, because it seems to be working.

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